Your appointment

When you come for your appointment you will be asked to register your details. We will then meet to talk though your problem and examine the area. I will then try and give you an idea of what I think is going on, and together we will plan on how to get you better. This may involve:

  • A better understanding of things and that may be all that is needed
  • A wait and see approach
  • X-rays and scans-these may not be able to be done on the day
  • Rehabilitation with specialist physios
  • Consideration of injections
  • Some form of surgery

Everyone is individual so the path we go down will be guided by your situation. I will give you a realistic expectation of what can be done, the likelihood of success and the time it may take. The advantages and disadvantages of different treatments will be discussed and you will decide where we go.


Many people who decide that they need further treatment often do so because they are in pain. Unfortunately, almost every treatment we can offer involves some pain. Physio can be hard work, injections can be sore and surgery almost always is. However, it is difficult to appreciate what this really means from the internet or from what other people say-other people usually have a lot to say!

Whatever treatment path you choose to go down I will give you a realistic idea of what you need to go through, and we will do what we can to reduce any anxiety and discomfort.


In the end what a surgeon can offer that others cannot is surgery. No-one wishes to have surgery and for many people it is something that is felt to be a last resort. If other treatment options have not worked well enough for you then you may consider this at some point. Like all interventions the risks and benefits have to be weighed for the individual and we will discuss this in detail should you decide it may be appropriate for you. The risks, likely outcomes and in particular the rehabilitation will be discussed as it is the rehabilitation that often has the biggest prolonged impact on your life.


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